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February 24, 2017

A serious case of insomnia. Extremely dry skin. Aesop body care products. And a good book. That’s what my nights look like lately. Since sleeping before 2 am (1 am if I’m lucky) isn’t an option, I have some extra time to spend in bed to keep busy and try to fall asleep.

I have never been a bookworm, reading novels in bed or on vacation.. I’ve always preferred television over books. Since watching movies is something I can do for hours and hours (read: there won’t be much sleeping) I’ve found some other things to kill the time.

Going through art & design books and reading cookbooks is my new thing. I can really enjoy it. It’s really calming. Since my stack of cookbooks is remarkably bigger than my design books, the focus is mainly on finding inspiration for some new healthy recipes. This Jackson Pollock book however is definitely one of my favorites as well.

I naturally have dry skin and these passed cold months haven’t been helping. So here comes the second task of the night: taking care of my skin and using these Aesop body care products. I use the Resurrection mild cleanser and soothing balm during the day. It’s exactly what I need. The formulation is designed for frequent use, without any damaging effects. At night I use the Resurrection Aromatique hand balm. I love that this moisturising balm really hydrates the skin, but still absorbs easily. A real asset if you ask me, especially when applying right before going to bed.

No more dry hands and some new recipes every night.. Insomnia 0 – Me 1. Ok I have to admit sleeping would actually be even better.. But hey it beats passing time in a dark room, waiting to catch some sleep. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. Interessante post!!

    marleen janssens / February 24, 2017